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How to make Thakali Khana Set? 9 Food Should Eat When Going

Thakali Khana Set

Thakali Khana Set is one of the most popular traditional dishes of Nepal. In fact, Thakali food is the traditional food of the Thakali caste of Manang and Mustang. Thakali food usually consists of grated rice or dhindo with ghee. Also included are Mustangi black lentils, Sadheko Gundurak pickle, mixed pickle, seasonal vegetables, greens, salad, mohi, curd and chicken or mutton. Rice in the middle of a wide plate and 12 small items around it is equally enjoyable to eat. But nowadays you can find Thakali Khana Set in everywhere but they can’t make what Thakali people makes in home today I’m going to write how to make Thakali Khana Set at home.

Thakali Khana Set

Ingredient to Make Thakali Khana Set

The taste of food, soft rice, mustang beans, black lentils, radish, turnip, garlic pickle, jimbu, timmur’s spices make the food more delicious. Fapar, potato and fenugreek, which grow in the highlands, have a special glory. The soup made from fapar greens is also delicious, which has its own identity in Thakali khana set.

Beans Daal play a special role in making delicious food delicious. Most of the women traditionally cook the daal in an iron pot. It is boiled and cooked. Especially used as black lentils, beans(Rajma) and bean lentils.

Timur used in pickles also gives different taste to tired food. In order to make the food more delicious, radish, spinach, various pickles of garlic and timmur are used. Similarly, fapar, potato and fenugreek grown in high mountainous areas have special significance.

Dhindo made from fapar is a special dish of the Thakali people. The flour is soaked in boiling water with a wooden spoon. Make the fire small and cover it for a few minutes. Dhindo cooked in this way can be eaten with meat, pickles, pulses and vegetables. Here is Video to make Thakali Khana set

Some Thakali Food Item To Eat

The main festival of Thakali is Phagupurni. In this festival, which is celebrated for 3 days by worshiping the father, all the dishes of Thakali are cooked in everyone’s house. Lepokhhu is an indispensable dish at this time. Which is prepared from the eyes, ears, tongue, etc. of the head of the goat.


It’s mainly make with goat head boil with indian masala.


Boil salt water and make Phapar flour like Dhindo. Put it on a plate, add oil in your hand and stir in the ghee.


Add water to the flour and whisk and add round sep to the boiled water. After cooking, fry the timmur and chop in ghee for a while.


Boil salt, water and ghee. Cook a little Uva flour while stirring. When all the water dries and the ghee comes out, it is ready to eat.

Radish pickle

Cut the radish into long shapes. Add salt and keep the radish for a while to get water out. Add sesame seeds, salt, chilli, garlic and chukka and mix with radish oil, fenugreek and turmeric. That makes Thakali Khana set delicious.


This is a dish prepared by boiling salt, garlic and thyme on the head of a goat.


The lentils are prepared by grinding the dried papar greens into powder.

Pharaoh dal

White bean is roasted and peeled is grinded like flour in ghatta and fried dal is cooked in ghee. This dal is a special dal of Thakali.


It is a dish eaten by tired people in winter months. Since the winter starts on the tenth day, this dish is cooked in most of the houses. It is cooked with radish, husk, greens and fapar flour.

After making all food than Thakali Khana Set is ready to serve to your family.

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