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Upload 10 Minute Video in Tiktok And Earn Money

10 minute Video in Tiktok

The Chinese video app Tiktok is one of the most downloaded apps in the world right now and they enable one feature which user can upload 10 minute video in tiktok. In recent years, its popularity has been increasing in Nepal as well. As a short video platform, it is popular with people of all ages and classes. Tiktok accounts have been opened by the general public, public figure, celebrity and politicians. Some people are making this app for income source through different method.

Tiktok Introduce 10 Minute Video in Tiktok feature

Recently Tiktok has provided the facility to upload up to 10 minutes of video in tiktok platform. There has been a mixed reaction from users around the world to tiktok’s decision.

Tiktok spokesperson informed to The Verge in an interview related to technology, He said “We are very excited to be launching this feature,”. He said the company expects the decision to help creators around the world become more creative.

Speaking to The Verge, a news organization related to technology, the spokesperson of Tiktok informed that it is possible to keep a video of up to 10 minutes. “We are very excited to be launching this feature,” he said. In Starting period Tiktok has only 15 second upload limit feature. After that, the facility to post videos up to three minutes in 60 seconds was added. It is said that Tiktok has extended the video duration due to its strategy of competing with other video sharing platforms.

Facebook Introduce Like Tiktok Feature in Facebook

Facebook has launched its short video feature reels, which is seen as a competitor of Tiktok at this time, in more than 150 countries around the world, Facebook’s parent company Meta said on Tuesday.

Meta, which lost nearly a third of its market value in the wake of its poor financial report in the last quarter, has made Reels its top priority.

The Facebook company launched the Reels feature on Instagram in 2020 and last year in 2021 brought the Reels feature to Facebook as a test. Facebook has launched reels to compete with the very popular Chinese video app Tiktok. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that Facebook’s rapidly expanding feature is now being rolled out to all Facebook users around the world.

According to meta, now Meta users spend half of their time on social media in videos. Facebook has also announced a feature that allows users to earn money through Reels. According to Facebook, the bonus program for the creators of the reels will be expanded to many countries and users of the reels platform will be able to earn money from advertisements in the form of banners and stickers.

Tiktok Becomes Most Downloaded Apps In the World

Chinese Video sharing app Tiktok becomes the most downloaded app in 2021 remember Tikotok is now banned in most populated country India. Recently 10 minute video in tiktok feature launch in tiktok. Which has been a viral app since its inception and is very popular among the youth, has surpassed popular apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram in the list of most downloaded mobile apps this year.

Overall, Netflix has become the most downloaded app in the entertainment genre, with Tiktok in first place. In the shopping genre, Amazon has made a bet. Shein is in second place in this category while Indian app Meesho is in third place.

In the US, Amazon ranks first position in the shopping category. Globally, Amazon ranks fourth, up from last year. Flipkart ranks fifth in this genre.

Google Maps has become the most downloaded app in the list of travel apps, with McDonald’s in the food and beverage category and Spotify in the music and audio genre. In the music genre, the second place is Chvakkay and the third place is YouTube music.

The three most downloaded remittance apps are PayPal, Google Pay and PhonePay.

Similarly, in the dating app, Tinder is in the first place while Bumble is in the second place. In the business app, Zoom ranks first, followed by Google Meet, WhatsApp Business, and Microsoft Teams third.

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