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How to apply IPO In Nepal ? Easy 3 Step

In recent times, various new companies have been issuing IPOs to the public and many nepali are want to apply IPO in Nepal. After the IPO issuance of Chandragiri Hills, and Nepal Infrastructure Bank, there has been some excitement in the share market. Mekh Bahadur Thapa, president of the Nepal Merchant Bankers’ Association, says that the interest of the public regarding shares has increased a lot after COVID19. But he understands that there is not enough consciousness yet.

Many people apply for IPO knowingly while some people apply for IPO based on the advice of relatives or friends. There are two types of markets in the stock market. The first is the primary market, where we have to apply for an IPO and get the shares out of the round. By entering the secondary market directly, you can buy the desired share according to the market price. There is a lot of public interest in IPOs because of the lower risk and the greater the benefits in some IPO’s. Even now, the IPO of Greenlife Hydropower is opening. The IPO of the Mahila Laghubitta is opening from Magh 30th If you do not know how to fill IPO now, See the Step By Step.

You Should Have Bank Account

The first thing to apply IPO online you need to have a bank account in commercial bank or development bank. Without a bank account you can not able to apply IPO in nepal. The bank account will be of any bank. If you do not have a bank account, open a bank account and if you do, you can see the following procedures.

Open Demat Account

Once you have own bank account, you need to open a Demat account. A demat account is a share holding account. A demat account is required for keeping shares just like opening a bank account for keeping money in the bank. To open a demat account, you need to contact Merchant Bank (Capital). As all the merchant banks are subsidiaries of the banks, you can open a demat account by visiting the bank where you have an account, any other bank and Broker office also.

Open MeroShare Account

The process after opening a Demat account is to take meroshare facility. You can apply for IPO from home through meroshare account. If you fill out a MeroShare form right where you opened Demat Account, you will receive a user ID and password in your email. If you do not take MeroShare facility, you can go to the bank and fill the IPO. That Method used before when people don’t have meroshare account.

If you take meroshare facility, you do not have to go to the bank to fill the IPO. For this you need to register CASBA. If you go to the bank and fill out a CRN form, the bank will give you a CRN number. You need to keep that number safe.

Further Process To apply Share Online

After opening MeroShare Account You can login from website of MeroShare or by downloading the MeroShare app on your mobile. You will now need to change the password provided in the email. You must enter the password you want.

You will need to create a 4 digit PIN code again. Enter the four-digit PIN code as you wish.

After that, your ‘MeroShare’ will open. After clicking on the ‘My ASBA’ Section, you will see the current issue, apply for issue, application report and old application report.

apply IPO In Nepal
Meroshare Apply IPO Photo

Clicking on ‘Apply for Issue’ will show which company’s IPO is open. At this time, the IPO of Greenlife Hydropower has opened. Next to the text Greenlife there is an option called Apply, Click There.

Now you choose the bank. After choosing the bank, the bank branch and account number will come automatically. Now go to ‘Apply Kitta’ and write how many Kitta you want to Apply, Right now maximum allotment is only 10Kitta so you can apply only 10kitta. After showing the amount you wants to fill, Their shows the amount itself. Put the CRN number taken from the bank below the amount.

There is option to tick mark. After processing by ticking, a four digit PIN number is required put 4 digit pin which added before. After entering the PIN number and saying ‘OK’, your IPO has been applied. Make sure you have bank balance on your bank account which connected with your Demat account. You can check the application by going to the ‘Application Report’ option You are done with apply IPO In Nepal.

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